For Sale: Madrona Labs Soundplane Model A - £1400

The Soundplane Model A is in great, fully working condition.
Unfortunately the Soundplane was damaged when it was shipped to me (the person I purchased it from did not pack it very well) - however the damage was only cosmetic and I had it repaired by a local luthier. The colour difference between the main Soundplane body and the repaired end section is somewhat exaggerated in the photographs, in most light it is barely noticeable.

I have included an image showing the state of the Soundplane prior to repair and a couple of images showing it after.

Delivery within the UK/EU included. 

I will, of course, pack it excessively well for shipping.

Buyer to cover any fees (PayPal, etc). 

I also have two Madrona Labs plugins, Aalto (which sells for $99) and Kaivo (which sells for $129) and will sell both for £100 (this includes a $10 per plugin transfer fee which I will pay).

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